Susan Sonnen


leaves rustling like rain
– I’ve been tricked!

single morning glory
at the bottom of the vine
~ early autumn


bumblebee -
disappearing into the amethyst
of morning glory


on the sidewalk,
a flash of Halloween
fluttering its wings



wordle 63


A kind gesture; he touches her cheek.

Their lips meeting while others watch.

The thinly sliced bread of the cucumber sandwiches.

An eight year old girl performing a mock tightwire act.

Louisa standing beside her beau. His dark skin stark against her fair complexion.

Paper lanterns hanging above the patio: green, yellow and white.

My darling mother, I send you these photographs of Louisa’s recent picnic in hopes that they fill you with utter joy!

Morse Code

A bare branch
the window.
My cat
to decipher
its code.

Without Sarcasm

In the laundromat, a homeless man stays warm. Another man, who looks homeless, is conversing with his grand-daughter. She says that she described him to a friend as the smartest person she knows. I believe her.

Winter Ku 3

the rain,
a struggle to morph
into snow 

cold ku

toenail moon     the cold burns my face

frost ku

fashioned from frost        my face


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