NaPoWriMo, Day 16


I am burned underneath
The brittle trees.

Spring is the fire,
The melody,

Of something secret
Coming to life.



~a found poem using “Diary [Surface]” by Rachel Zucker
with the exception of the final line

NaPoWriMo, Days 12, 13 and 14

Day 12

I wrote this poem using this prompt, although with far fewer than 20 posts and 20 speakers.
I’m not going to do anything to achieve it,
But I sure look forward to being dead.

I told him about the panic attacks,
But he wouldn’t prescribe me Xanax.
Said that a slow release anti-depressant should work.

Depression lies,

But it never sleeps. Get it?
Day 13

I used this prompt for the following poem. The snippets used come from the Emily Dickinson Museum website.

Tour the Emily Dickinson Museum, The Homestead and the Evergreens

If coming from the south,
Take Exit 19.
Exit 20,
If coming from the north.

Proceed up a long hill.
The Homestead
And the Evergreens
Are halfway down
The right-hand side
Of the page.

Dickinson’s life
And legacy
Are below:

The parlors,
And the poet’s bedroom.
Day 14

No prompt.


Cut and paste
A big mess
Into worst enemy’s life.

Apply gloss
To (enemy’s) panic attacks.

Press red lipstick kiss
In center.

Add glitter.