Susan Sonnen


the tip of the iceberg is pain enough

The Artist

He looks at the canvas with love
And at me with scrutiny.

nodding off

against my will,
my eyelids droop
and my mind wanders
to the Land of Nod
from whence no work comes

winter delight

in the bare forsythia
a loud mouthed sparrow
draws my attention,
then withdraws himself
further into the bush,
delighting me
with this tease

autumn tanka III

The bird
That was sitting on the same branch
Through morning
And early afternoon, turned out to be
A brittle leaf, struggling to hang on.

autumn tanka II

In my room,
Relentlessly annoying me,
Is a fly.
Where did you come and don’t you know
That your kind left last month?

autumn tanka I

A hooligan
Tossed a pumpkin against a tree.
It split in two.
This cold morning, a red squirrel
Enjoyed the meal left at his door.

leaves rustling like rain
– I’ve been tricked!

single morning glory
at the bottom of the vine
~ early autumn


bumblebee –
disappearing into the amethyst
of morning glory


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