Tiny Review: Monday or Tuesday

Virginia Woolf’s short story “Monday or Tuesday” has been referred to as a poem. A prose poem, to be exact. Its resemblance to poetry can be seen in the repetition of the story’s first three words found again in the final sentence. The rhythm of the work and its pointed imagery are also indicative of a prose poem. “Monday or Tuesday” has also been referred to as a collage of sorts, showing through words the views seen by a flying heron and the goings-on of a busy street. It is, indeed, like a beautiful painting, only produced from words, not oils or watercolors.

Was it Virginia Woolf’s intention to create a poem? Probably not. Virginia Woolf was a novelist and short story writer. Prose was her medium, not poetry. Whatever her intention, “Monday or Tuesday” is without a doubt a work of stream of consciousness. A glorious and thoughtful stream.


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