Turkish Festival and Poetry

Last week, Elizabeth and I went Turkish along with the rest of Chicago.

Liz bought an evil eye keychain with a gorgeous handcrafted ceramic bead.

I chose this sweet bird.

Rumi spent most of his life in Turkey. There were several books and broadsides available at the festival featuring his poetry.

This tiny verse is a favorite of mine:

A lifetime without Love is of no account
Love is the Water of Life
Drink it down with heart and soul! 

And here is another:


yourself from your selfish self
all heavenly spirits
will stand ready to serve you

if you can finally hunt down
your own beastly self
you have the right
to claim Solomon’s kingdom

you are that blessed soul who
belongs to the garden of paradise
is it fair to let yourself
fall apart in a shattered house

you are the bird of happiness
in the magic of existence
what a pity when you let
yourself be chained and caged

but if you can break free
from this dark prison named body
soon you will see
you are the sage and the fountain of life

translated by Nader Khalili

Above are examples of Turkish paper marbling. Lovely!

And here is a shadow puppet display.

Some of the beautiful jewelry for sale can be seen in the photo above. This was the vendor from whom Elizabeth bought her keychain. You can see the keychains to the left.

And in conclusion, here is a link to another Turkish poem, this one written by Yunus Emre centuries ago.


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