Writing Courageously and November Writing Plans

Three short musings today.

1) Even as I am asserting myself more, I find myself cowering. I am speaking in reference to a poem that I wrote last night in response to a Poetic Asides prompt about change. I touched on religion. As far as my religious background goes, I was raised on fear and judgement. My last line of the poem includes the words “I am” in reference to me, not God, yet God as God in me. I immediately wanted to change it to “I Am,” yet refrained due to the eternal promise of fundamentalist backlash. Well, that was last night and this is a new day. I will change it. I will, dammit, write freely and courageously.

2) I am looking forward to writing a poem a day in November. Poetic Asides offers this opportunity to compose a chapbook of poetry from what is written in November. I don’t think they publish the chapbooks, but rather encourage us to put together our own and publish if we so desire. I probably shouldn’t be talking about this, as I do not yet know all of the facts. Fact finding is on tonight’s to-do list.

3) I am participating in NaNoWriMo again this year. I will not, however, be writing a novel, but numerous short stories and flash fiction stories. I hope by the end of the month to have some stories suitable for submitting singularly and as a book proposal.

What are your writing plans for November?

Do you, like me, still work toward writing courageously or do you always lay it all on the line?


5 thoughts on “Writing Courageously and November Writing Plans

  1. A poem a day seems too much for me – one a week seems to work out about right.

    In November I have 4 workshops – one to run and three to attend. I may well get something written out of those.

    I am, more and more, writing out of the everyday and this will continue.

    As to laying it all on the line, my poetry is written primarily for me so I tend to say exactly what I want to say – although some of them I might choose not to publish. 🙂

      • I quite often go to workshops Susan. Mostly because they put me in a place where I am thinking about writing.
        When I run workshops I am coming out of my own experience so they often have a therapeutic element included.
        I will perhaps do a post about the workshop I am running in November.

        If you get the chance to go I would recommend you take it

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