NaPoWriMo, Day 11

Today’s prompt at ReadWritePoem is “the thing you didn’t choose.” Some of you will recall, from an earlier NaPoWriMo poem, that I have given my muse the name of Aurora.

Aurora Interrupted

It was personal,
I’m not going to lie.
You embarrassed me,
Especially as a child.
I didn’t feel that you were
In the same league
As the muses of my friends.
Okay. You caught me.
That part is a lie.
You were fine; it was
My lack of coordination
That was the problem.
I could see your pictures in my mind,
I could feel your rhythms in my form,
But when I tried to coordinate
Our efforts into art,
I failed.
So I thought.
So some agreed.
But then came third grade
And my first essay.
My first winning essay,
No less!
Then I knew we were onto something.
Through college, we kept in touch,
But come adulthood, I set you aside,
Inviting you in for short visits,
But really,
How could you expect to compete
With five young children?
And me, with no husband?
So here we are now.
Thank you for picking up
When I called.

Note: First posted on April 11, 2010.


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