The Brevette

There is an invented poetry form called a brevette. This is about as minimal as a poem can get. Three words, a subject, a verb (ongoing action/letters spaced) and an object, compose the brevette. There is no syllable count.

I have tried to use this form to present beauty in the ordinary. I find that the verb does most of the work in this attempt. I wonder if readers will catch on to what I am seeking to convey? For example, in the following brevette I have presented the image of natural beauty (ivy) alongside something rather forbidding, even unpleasant (stockade). Does the trailing ivy symbolize a following or a turning away from what is being held captive? Has it gone far or only just begun its journey? What faces, animal or human, are behind the stockade? Do they acknowledge the ivy? Do they envy it?

t r a i l s

Note: First posted on July 28, 2009.


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