Out Back (my first septolet)

I have a passion for short verse. I also enjoy writing short verse in specific forms. This morning I attempted my first septolet. A septolet is a poetic form consisting of two stanzas. Seven lines are divided between the two stanzas with a total of fourteen words. The poem should create a picture. I love the minimalism within this form as well as the great leeway for individual choices in placement. The simplicity used to evoke the image is magical. Here is my first septolet.

Wind chimes
dangle, occasionally
expressing melodic

Crows at the bath
sip, always

I realize that my line separations may seem a bit odd, even uncomfortable. They are meant to be so. I’m experimenting and having quite a bit of fun with it. Who knows what will come of it? I hope to find a method with which I am comfortable and feel that I am being true to myself without taking away from the beauty of the poetry for most other readers.

Note: Originally posted July 27, 2009.


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